Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule - Napanee, Kingston, Picton

Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule
August 15/2019

We know the key to enjoying your hot tub is always having clean, clear, inviting water to soak in. Caring for your hot tub only takes a few minutes each day, but if you do this properly your hot tub water will sparkle every time you soak in it. We’ve put together a simple outline to help you get the most out of your hot tub.

Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

- Each day you should quickly check to ensure your hot tub is on and running. Also, check to ensure nothing has punctured the cover. If your hot tub doesn’t run the filter on a schedule, you will also want to run the pumps to circulate water through the pipes.

- Every second day, check water quality and adjust as needed, the do a quick wipe down of the surface above the water line for any grime.

- Once weekly, you will want to give you filter a quick clean. We recommend having a second filter. In this way you can simply swap filters, then clean the old filter over the course of the following week. Check the water level and refill as needed.  Also, take a minute to wipe down the outer shell and cover.

- Every three months, it’s time to drain and refill your hot tub. For best results we recommend using a hose filter to cut down on debris flowing into your hot tub.

- Inspect and replace filters annually.  If you are alternating between two filters you should be able to do this step every two years, but we recommend keeping an eye by inspecting the filters each time you replace them.

That’s all there is to maintaining your hot tub.  We hope you enjoy soaking in it for many years to come.  If ever we can help you with any of your hot tub needs, drop of a line via the phone or our contact page.  We’d love to help.


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